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Developer: Ignis Sanat

Publisher: Ignis Sanat

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Release date: 6 June 2019

Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux

Languages: Russian, English




Website: ignis-sanat.com

Email: Philipp Podkovkin

Social: VKontakte, Twitter


Sanator: Scarlet Scarf

Scarlet Scarf is a visual novel inspired by the legend of Plague Maiden. Dive into the dark mysteries of a dying city with the fate of Sanator Richard Murdock in your hands. 


Perhaps it's not too late to stop the on-going calamity...

This world has fallen twice, and its future is happening on the ruins  of a forgotten past. On the ashes of megacities, new powers rise with only one goal: to discover how much they've lost.

Every day is an endless battle, but death is not the worst possibility for the loser. Нere, everyone is looking for answers, but they only find new questions. And the lucky few who still gain knowledge…


You wouldn't want to be in their shoes.


What makes Scarlet Scarf special:

●  Full immersion into the occult dystopia of “Domus et Animae”.

A unique universe, painstakingly built during eight years of labour and experiments.


●  The fate of the Sanator is in your hands. Experience four unique endings.


●  The free demo “Sanator: Chronicles of Reustadt” is a stand-alone story. A small prelude to "Scarlet Scarf" will introduce the main characters and reveal what had been happening in the city a few days before the epidemic.


Winner of the Anivisual Contest #1 — the largest annual visual novel contest.

Selected articles:

“The game lets you know it's dark fantasy right away. Dirty medieval period, full of dangers, malice and chthonic horror.” — Yakov Gevorgizov, Darker magazine

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About Ignis Sanat

Ignis Sanat is an independent studio that has united game industry professionals, comic artists, stage musicians and others who have faith in narrative-based games and aspire

to make them better.

Our goal is to create original games for those who appreciate atmosphere a little more

than gameplay mechanics.


The “Sanator: Scarlet Scarf” pilot project, winner of the Anivisual Contest №1 (the biggest annual visual novel contest), will be available on Steam in June 2019 for PC, Mac and Linux.


Philipp Podkovkin and the press service of Ignis Sanat will be happy to answer

all of your questions: 


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